Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3, 2011

Sorry for the delay for this e-mail. It has been a weird week. There was a Elder that came out 6 months ago and hurt his shoulder in the mission field. He has to go home to get surgery and came back to the field this week. He came a day early so we picked him up and took him out with us for the day. He arrived on our p-day, so we had to take p-day Tuesday, but due to our schedule we couldn't e-mail until today.
We some sad news. T is no longer a investigator. Her son came to live with her unexpectedly last Monday. They don't get along very well and she had a melt down, not to mention her son and his girlfriend have a major drug problem. The spirit was no longer invited into her house to say the least. She stopped praying and handed the Book of Mormon back to us (again) and told us she cannot change because of her living situation. She fell back into smoking, subsequently her baptism was canceled. She seems real stern about not coming to church any more. The hard part is that we have a quad for her with her name on it that we have been preparing to give her at her baptism. We went around to all of the members and got them to write down their favorite scriptures and highlighted them in the quad with a note on note cards about why it is their scripture. I think we are going to still give it to her. Could you guys write down your favorite scripture on note cards and with reasons why you like them? She might like that. Sorry this is short, we have to go.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale