Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

Hi Family!!!

Right now I'm doing laundry and there is a timer on my e-mail so if I can't say all I want, I'll write some letters tonight. Roxanne, you can have the speakers and don't worry about it they are yours. Just don't leave them on too long because there is a weird noise it makes--BROTHER!!!!!. It was great hearing from you, all of you. I have to get the mail for my district every day and its always great when I get one from the family. I hope school goes good for Rachel and Roxanne.
I am just so busy here. I don't even have time to think, but that's a good thing it keeps me on track. Today we, all eight of us, went to the Provo Temple. Us Elders did a session it was awesome! I'm so glad that it's p-day. Since you dropped me off its been non-stop crazyness. I saw Kelsie 2 times so far. Once the first day I was here and the next morning at like 7, I wasn't in the zone and didn't get a pic with her. I've met some funny Elders. There is a whole group from Cave Creek that are in the next room from us. Elder Seymore is the funniest guy I've ever met, but I've got to hold back sometimes or we'll get in trouble. District leader has been a challenge. The night of the second day the branch leaders assigned me and it was so hard to keep track of everything, but now that its after Sunday everything has been just flowing. Time has been flying by so fast and I'm learning so much this first week. Yesterday our district went to the RC, or the phone room. We only did outbound calls, just making sure that the people that ordered BOM or Bibles received them. I probably called 30-40 people but only one guy answered and the person I was looking for wasn't there but it was a good experience for my first missionary work. My companion, Elder Taylor, and I went to the TEC where we go through teaching progressive investigators. The couple we had were church volunteers but they can't break character as investigators. We went through the first lesson and answered many hard questions. We then came back and placed a BOM. When we were leaving, they broke character and told us they felt the spirit and that we will be great missionaries. It was awesome. I love and miss you all. I'll write some more letters tonight and send them. I can't seem to think in the crowded laundry room. Mom if you're sending this e-mail out to everyone check my spelling. Love you all and Melanie, send me some breath mints please!!!!!

(You know me too well, Brady. I've got your back on the spelling!! )