Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12, 2010

Hey Family,
So Elder Wilson and I have been working so hard this week to help the Nears get everything ready for the Pioneer day activity. It was held at their home so we have been over there a lot doing all the chores around the house. The Nears said that out off all the missionaries they have had over the years, we here the hardest working ones. It was great to hear that from the members. But we invited everyone to go to the activity. We had 11 investigators show up! Some friends of some other members came so we had 13 non-members to the activity. It was so crazy trying to run around talking to everyone and introducing them to everyone.
This is the zip line platform we helped build. A storm took out the tree it was originally hooked to, so it was rebuilt into a full platform. The kids dropped out into the pond.
And yesterday we had 2 investigators come to church and 1 foof (friend of other faith), so 3 non-members, it was great! We also had zone conference this week and met the new mission president, President Jergenson, he is from California. We have interviews this week with him so we can start to get to know him better. A couple questions, Did you guys get the cd with the slide show on it? And do you know about the tax return money, I need to get a new shaver so let me know when that comes. And I got the girl's package, thank you so much, the peach rings did not make it I have to tell you, but I love all the other stuff you guys got me thanks!
LOVE Elder Hale