Monday, August 16, 2010

Pictures from Brady

"Mo' BRADY'S . . . in Davenport"
"We were on the highway and I saw this air freshener in this guy's car so I had to get a picture."
"We found a sweeet jacket and hat at our service work at the Benevolent Society. He had to try them out."
"We got a white board at Home Depot for planning and it did not fit in the Toyota, so we threw it up top and hung onto it all the way home."
"It was raining bad after an appointment to an investigator gave us some hats to wear to keep our head dry. We just had to get some pictures."
"District Meeting in Clinton. Elder Wilson and I set up the table for our District Leader using Relief Society decorations."
"All those days with a pellet gun in the backyard paid off. A bat got in the Near's house and Sister Near gave me a pellet gun to take it down, I only needed one shot!"
"Companionship Unity (note the safety galsses)"