Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Questions for Brady

Did you have a good birthday? Did you celebrate?
Yes, I had a great one. Elder Noel made the cake and then Elder Johnson and Noel both sang. It was a treat.
What was your first impression of Fort Dodge?
Wow, more corn! At least everyone has a John Deere.
It looks like there is a river through town. What river is it?
It's the Des Moines River. I've only seen it a couple of times from the bridge, not up close or anything.
Is it weird going to church when you don't know anyone? Is the ward friendly?
Yeah, there is not a lot of consistency with a majority of the members so I am still seeing new people week to week. But the ward is so helpful when it comes to missionary work, they are great.
Will you have a car in Ft. Dodge?
Oh yeah, our area is so big. It's the 2nd biggest in the mission. Every other week, I have to drive to Mason City which is 100 miles one way. I'll have to get you a map of our area.
Who are your companions and where are they from?
Elder Johnson - He lives in Cache Valle Utah, just minutes away from the Idaho border. He grew up on a farm and wants to be a farmer. So I refer to him as my Farmer Almanac.
Elder Noel - He always refers to his home as the Salt Lake Valley. I'm not really sure where he lives exactly. I don't think that he does either, his mom has moved twice while on his mission.
Tell me what is good and what is bad about having 2 companions instead of one.
Good - Well, with 2 companions, there is always a conversation going. We can get more done during splits and it's always a hoot with 2 other missionaries.
Bad - It always seems to take longer to get things done such as weekly planning, showers, meals, shopping.
Is the weather changing at all yet? Evenings cooling off?
Yes, the Iowa clouds are back which means it's going to be overcast the the next 3 weeks and I'm going to lose my bronze tan. Right now it feels like a Phoenix winter, but soon the snow will come back and I'll be sad.
Describe why your mother is better than any other mother on earth.
Because she sends me awesome care packages and writes me all the time. She cares about my health and well being. She prays for me and my investigators. She keeps me up to date on all the news and fads. She is the glue of our family. She works hard to keep a home feeling like a home and makes me feel like I'm still at home. She has a testimony in Jesus Christ that has never ceased to radiate from her countenance. She is my mother.


Jenn said...

His answer to your last question brought a tear to my eye :)
He has grown so much!
How proud you must be!