Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

I hope you got those pictures from the baptism that I sent last week. I also forwarded some pictures from leadership and zone conference today. You will have to play a "Where's Waldo" to find me.
I had a question, I read every thing that you send me, but I don't always respond or talk about it. Sorry. I read your letters on Wednesday or so and by the time Monday rolls around I forget what I was going to ask you. But I did want to ask about the Contractor License that dad applied for. Did he get it? How's all that going?
This last Tuesday I was sweating a little bit. Brother Jeffrey Beck and Brother Richard Heaton from the MTC were here touring our mission. So we were going to be with one of them or President Jergensen for the night. Luckily, we were paired up with President Jergensen. So we went to a less active's house and met with her for a time. Then we went to a lesson with an investigator family that we have been working with. This family is a little chaotic, a lot of people in a small apartment, a little dysfunctional but with hearts of gold. So we get in there and people were running around. We asked what was going on, and come to find out that one of the kids in the family had recently broke out in hives. They were on the phone with the station nurse trying to find out what they could do. Come to find out that President Jergensen had a career as a pharmacist. So he took a look and told her to take 800 mg of this and 500 mg of that and so on. He got her all fixed up and back to normal. We were able to share a little spiritual thought before we left. It was an awesome experience to take President Jergensen to a real Iowa lesson.
We have seen a surplus of success this week. We invited the whole family (the one I was talking about) to be baptized, as well as a young man, N, who we have been teaching. The family is committed to the 5th of February and N is committed to the 12th. It's a real exciting time right now, and its going to be a push of faith to see them baptized next month.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale

Note: Brady forwarded 31 pictures from his Mission President and they were all of large groups, and he was not in all of them. This was definitely a "Where's Waldo" exercise. The last picture was worthy of a close up crop. This is Brady and his companion, Elder Curtis. I believe this is the famous "Fizz Face".


Suzanne Barker said...

Awesome Brady! So nice to hear about his experience.

Roxy said...

The Fizz Face...did he tell you that or did you remember that? Because I totally forgot! haha :)