Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011

We had another Gnar-b-que at our last district meeting for the transfer this week. It was actually Elder Wilson's "one year click day" so we celebrated after district meeting with a district lunch Gnar-b-que! It was great. There are a couple of pictures of the whole event out side of Elder Wilson's apartment. I grilled, this has been my 4th Gnar-b-que on the mission, and it turned out great. I was also able to go to Ginelle on exchanges and was able to hold in my hand a 1830 edition of the Book of Mormon. I don't think the pictures turned out very well, I wasn't allowed to use the flash but I am holding an original copy of the Book of Mormon.
On one of the pictures you can see the date at the bottom of the page. I even folded down the corner like Hyrum Smith and am pointing to the verse that they read and found solace in. It was great I felt like Elder Holland in general conference when he explained the story just a few years ago.
While I was on exchanges, Elder Clarke and I went to Brooklyn!
Yeah Brooklyn, Iowa...It was fun, thought I would get a picture.
This morning Elder Bennett, Pratt, Perfili and I took a tour through the John Deere factory here in town. I wasn't able to take my camera in, but I did get a picture of the sign out front. It was amazing how big that place is and seeing the assembly line with these huge 18 foot tall cotton harvesters in different stages of assembly. They make everything themselves. They take 50 foot long pieces of steel and laser cut every part of those tractors, with welders everywhere welding and building everything. They have about 1800 people working at the factory. I thought Dad would get a kick out of it. We will have to come back and go through together.
I will be transferred. I don't know where yet, but I will still be a zone leader. So that means there are only 7 areas that I can go. Hopefully I will go to Peoria, Davenport, or Nauvoo. Illinois would be great.
Not much else going on, We had the first the new member lesson with the F Family. They took us to Chucky Cheese for dinner, it was a fun evening. I guess later that week, their middle child, hes only 5, started to baptize the neighbor kids in the swimming pool. Sister F recorded it and showed us. He was very accurate, full name, arm to the square, he said by the authority of Jesus Christ. Then slammed them underwater, some of the kid's heads didn't go under so he started to push their head under. It was hilarious.