Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25, 2011

I think that dad wrote me about the Taylors being at the Nauvoo pageant. When Elder Phillips and I were working there the other night we were busy talking to some members and there was this lady behind me taking pictures of Elder Philips and I. I thought that it was weird, but after I was done talking she called us over. It was Sister Taylor! I didn't recognize her at first but she told me who she was and we got a talkin. Her and Brother Taylor are working at the medical tent at the pageant. So we walked over to the tent and I found Brother Taylor and said hi.
I also ran into one of Dad's Bishops when he was a Priest. His name was Bishop Mcmin (I don't know if i got the spelling right on that) but he knew Dad and Grandma and Grandpa. He told me of one of the times that Grandma and Grandpa wanted to go on a mission. It was right after they had arrived home from one of their missions and within a month they wanted to go on another. He said that he made them stay home for 6 months to get to know their children and grandchildren again. But when that 6 month mark came they were back into his office to go back on a mission.
I was able to see the Nauvoo pageant for a second time, we were able to get H and E (two recent converts) to Nauvoo on Wednesday, and got special permission to see it again. I think I enjoyed it better the second time.
I've been dealing with poison ivy this week. We did some geo caching with Brother G on p-day and I guess I rubbed up against some poison ivy while searching for the cach. It has been driving me nuts! Our Bishop is a doctor and he said that if you don't treat it right away, you have to just let it run its course until the oils come out of your skin. Its been about a week and starting to get a little better. It should be over this week.
Saturday, Red Cross had a blood drive at the church. Now I'm not one to jump right up and give blood, needles make me a little squeamish. But a member called us up and asked if we would donate. I never say no to members so we agreed to do it. Elder Phillips has given blood many times and was excited to see what treats he was going to eat at the end of it. As for me, I am not a bleeder. I was sitting on that table for 15 minutes while they tried to get blood out of me. I was so tired the rest of the day, not a good idea while a missionary.
The week went by slow, we had 5 referrals from the Nauvoo pageant and 2 of them we got appointments with. One is a 17 year old girl named J who went to the pageant with a friend, and the other is this guy named T. He's a friend of a member. I think that both will be sweet investigators this next week. T's leg was run over by a truck a year or two ago and he has a bad infection in his leg. The doctors are talking about amputating it. I felt the impression to give him a blessing, so we did. The words need not be mentioned here but he felt the spirit strongly. He has been looking for the gospel for years, searching and studying all sorts of religions. We are going back tonight to teach him the Doctrine of Christ and invite him to baptism. I'm excited.
I LOVE YOU ALL. -Elder Hale
P.S. Melanie- thanks for the pictures!