Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22, 2010

Hi Family,
Ok I don't think that I need my savings account. There shouldn't be any money in it anyway, so if they are charging me every month, just close it for me if you can.
Thank you so much for the package you sent this week. I wanted to have a pocket Book of Mormon for tracting and that sort on thing. People get intimidated when they see a guys like us with a Bible looking thing in our hand, so it's nice to be able to put that in your suit pocket. I wanted 2 of them so I could give the other to Elder Eldredge for his birthday. It's this Saturday. We had a party last night for him (just Eldredge and I). A while back you sent me some glow sticks, so we put them to use last night.
Donald is going to be baptized this week on Thursday the 25th. We had to move the date up a couple of days due to the branch temple day on Saturday. We are excited for him and he wanted Elder Eldredge to baptize and me to confirm. Laisha came to church for the second time yesterday and stayed for all three hours! That's a first. Believe it or not, Laisha signed up to feed us dinner this Saturday night! Our investigator it feeding us! How often does that happen? We're not really sure what we are going to teach her while we are there but I'm sure we'll think of something.
Family, this week is POWER WEEK! Which is a week we are doubling our efforts to reach our goal of 220 baptisms for the mission by July 1st. Our district set this as a goal this transfer. We are going to have 2 power weeks, this week and another 3 weeks from now. We set some very high goals, are doubling our prayers, cut back on lunch time, and are praying for inspiration this week to help find those people who are prepared by God to hear our message. Its going to be a long hard week so please keep Elder Eldredge and I in your prayers.
Every thing is going great, family. Thank you for the pictures, I always put the new ones you send on my desk. Melanie, you looked great with the whole 80's get-up goin' on. I cant believe you're already planting in the garden. Roxanne, I just put your letter in the mail this morning, so you will be getting one pretty soon. Rachel keep it up in school and stay focused. It's so easy to get overwhelmed but of any one that can do it, you're the one. Dad, I love getting your letters and to hear about daily life in the Hale clan. I miss you all and can't wait to hear from you.
LOVE Elder Hale