Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

Well, yesterday I sent off a long letter home so you will receive that in the next couple days. I know you have been hurting for mail so I put 3 stamps on it to hopefully speed up the process. This week has been real eventful. We received a car on Friday and are now scooting around all over the Clinton metropolitan area. Its so crazy because we are able to go and visit all of our investigators in a afternoon rather than a week or so, so we are doing much more finding. We were tracting down a street we had never been down before and came across a very funny woman. It was a green house with a green door. I knocked and an old woman opened the door with a lock still on it so it was only a couple inches open. She said she was blind and did not let strangers in. She then asked who we were. I said that we were missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The door closed, we heard the lock come undone, and then the door flew open and standing there in all of her glory stood Virgina Barns. A woman said to be 102 years old (which I did not question) and she said that she loved missionaries from our church and invited us in, but she was the only one there so we had to refuse. We talked for a bit on the porch and then said facing me that she was in love with my voice and asked if I was blond. I said yes and she gave out a cat purr. It was so weird yet funny at the same time. She just kept telling jokes and cracking us up. So now I have a 102 woman that has a crush on me, she was the highlight of my Saturday. We still are on track with Donald, he came to church again yesterday. We are so excited for his baptism.
I LOVE YOU ALL and hope you have a great week. I just finished off another tape so I'll try to get that out soon. Oh mom, could you do me a favor and send me 2 of the pocket Book of Mormon, and 2 pocket Bibles if they have them there at the book store or the distribution center. If they don't have the bibles don't worry about it.
Thanks you and LOVE you very much!
-Elder Hale