Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2010

Hi Family,
This last week was the last week of this transfer, so Saturday we got word from president that I would be staying here in Clinton and Elder Eldredge is going to be moving on somewhere else, he is also going on to be a zone leader. So Wednesday I will find out who exactly my next companion is going to be. I get to go to transfers, so this Wednesday I will be in Peoria Illinois. There is also going to be a new Elder coming into our district, besides the one I'm getting. Clinton is doing good though. Saturday Elder Eldredge and I were fed by another investigator. Their names are Quinton and Melissa. They have a little family with 3 young girls. So we invited Bro. Estes and his family to come with us to the BBQ. Bro. Estes has three small children and they were the exact same age as Quinton and Melissa's kids. So the fellowshipping begins. The BBQ went so good that we finally got them to come to church! We have been working for them to come to church for a month now. Needless to say that we are going over for another BBQ this Saturday. So we finally were able to get some new investigators to church. It was funny because the day before all this happened I got Dad's letter about getting members over to meet the investigators to help get them to church.
Mother I need some shirts. I've been putting this off because of transfers because I did not know where I would be going, but now that I'm staying here I would like to ask you if you could send me 5 white shirts, short sleeve, its a 16.5 collar, the wrinkle free ones if you can. Thank you.
I'm about ready to send the tape, well actually it's 2 tapes, they are real good. Thanks for the letters this week, I like to hear what you guys are up to. How is Michael doing? Roxanne, write me! Elder Eldredge is bummed that you didn't write him, but you still can, you just have to sent it to the mission office in Peoria, mom should have the address.
I LOVE YOU ALL hope to hear from you.
-Elder Hale