Wednesday, April 14, 2010

quiz - Clinton, Iowa

(This will be graded with a red Pencil)
Is the Mississippi River visible as you are 'round about town?
Yes, it is. It's just a half mile from our apartment. Downtown is right next to it which is where we street contact many people. There is also a bike path that runs along the Mississippi which we are on most days finding people. It is also where all the cool high school kids hang out so we are there some nights talking to them. Tell me about Clinton, Iowa in 10 descriptive words:
Small, mostly friendly, crazy weather, damp, hearty food, it's supper (not dinner)
What is one thing you would scramble to fix or clean in your apartment if you saw Sister Erickson walking up to your door?
It's dirty dishes, that would be a must. I'd just start throwing them into the oven or something.
Have you had to get a haircut since you got to Iowa?
Yeah, I've had 2 haircuts since I've been here in Clinton. I had one in the MTC and two here, one about every transfer (6 weeks).
On a scale of 1-10, how well are you eating when you have to cook for yourself?
Well, it's gonna be a 4-5. We eat pretty good on the left-overs from members, but the food we make ourselves really is not very good, mostly entails using the microwave.
Write a poem or limerick about you and Elder Eldredge:
In the works. We are producing it on the tape, so I'll send it pretty soon!