Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

Hey Family,
It was great hearing about everything going on. I felt bad I didn't even get to say Happy Mothers Day! But I'm glad every body is doing good. I'll get the package sent out asap for you. I was starting my study in Preach my Gospel this morning and was going to ask you if you would send me a picture of Lehi's dream, the new one, the one that was hanging in Melanie's room. I like that picture a lot. But as for things needed, I'm really doing good right now once I get the shirts. Ill check when I get home if they are there.
A couple more people have dropped us. Shana and Eduardo dropped us. They left their house and told their neighbor to tell us that they did not want us stopping by any more, weird. And Catherine and Eric have found a different church to go to and are not progressing so we have to drop them. Jordan and Aneda, we had a baptismal date lined up for them, but they moved and turned their phone off, so they are still lost sheep. We have been doing a lot of follow ups and a lot of new finding to open increase our teaching pool. Mitch did not come to church yesterday so we now need to reschedule his baptism date. Amanda has been canceling her appointments with us the last 3 weeks so we haven't been able to meet with her for a long time, but tomorrow we have a time set to meet her and have a member coming with us. We have been able to meet with a guy named Justin and he seems very open and sincere about the gospel. He actually has been reading and had many questions. The only thing is that he lives with his mom and she is becoming more and more hesitant about us.
Elder Thurman and I have been bonding really well and have adjusted our selves to each other's teaching nicely. He's a real knowledgeable guy and has been helping me learn things daily.
I forgot to tell you that yesterday.
I really am ok on just about every thing else. But a package of socks wouldn't hurt.
Thank you so much for all you do for me and I LOVE YOU ALL!
Hope to hear from you -Elder Hale