Monday, May 17, 2010

May 17, 2010

Hey family,
Yeah, I got the shirts last Monday, they are the right size neck wise but they are the tall ones, so I tried one on and it looks like I put on a lab coat. They are a bit big so I'm going to send them back and write a letter if they could sent the same shirts but regular, not tall. Thanks mom. And I will be sure to get a picture with Elder Thurman. Did you get my package? I sent it last week so it should be there soon. There really are not many good pictures in it, I'm not good with that kind of stuff, but there are some that you could use for the blog.
Well, President Ericson has asked of all the missionaries to go through all of the former investigators we have in the area book and visit with them by the end of this transfer. He has also asked us to give a hard baptismal commitment to every sit down appointment we got to. This is all because of a big push we have to hit our goal of baptisms by July 1st before president leaves. We have a huge stack of formers we are going through and have been busy. We only have 2 more weeks left of this transfer so we are running around. We now have three people that have committed to baptism this week, Mitch, Justin and Kiara. Mitch and Justin are very solid commitments, but we are not sure how committed Kiara is. Mitch has been getting a lot of anti against joining our church from his other pastor. He has now lost a sponsor for his fighting because of it as well. But we were talking with him and he is so solid about the decision he has made, he even had a guy training in his gym and we walked into the gym to see how he was doing and this guy started yelling scriptures at us and giving us a hard time. Mitch stood up for us and kicked this guy out of his gym. There was also another fighter training that we don't even know that stood up for us, it was great. So this week was awesome, Donald got the priesthood last week and we passed the sacrament with him at church. Things are going good, here in "Clintonia".
I LOVE YOU ALL hope to hear from you -Elder Hale