Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

The message line on today's e-mail: Elder Hale is the biggest slacker in the world for not sending his birthday card to his mother yet, I have no excuse and am breaking a commandment of the Lord by not honoring thy father and especially thy Mother!!!

Dearest Mother, and Family,
Mom, your card will be sent off today. Many apologies go out to the Phoenix metropolitan area for the grief that has conspired due to a mourning mother as a direct cause and effect of a son, who in any respect is not worthy to be writing this letter, did not do as James directs in chapter 2 verse 16-17 (please check that, I don't have my scriptures right now, but it is in chapter 2) I believe as to show my faith by my works in sending a card to my most beloved mother who in great respect gave me this tabernacle of clay that I am now in. In consequence I am breaking a commandment to the Lord as to honor the greatest mother who labored 9 months carrying me, and then another 20 years or so until I got my act together. Wo unto this man who is so slow to remember this mother on the most glorious day of her birth, but is quick to not remember how many of these days of birth she has experienced. I ask for your forgiveness, sorry mom.
Well if you're are still reading this and still love me I am glad to report a wonderful week here in the Ft. Dodge area. Saturday was the ward temple day and all three of us were able to go through the Winter Quarters Temple. Bishop also took us to the visitors center and that place rang a couple of bells. Once we pulled into the parking lot I remembered when all of us as a family went there and the cemetery across the street. We were given a tour of the place and I remembered some of the things in the Visitors center. It really hit home. I am so glad that you took us through all of the church sites when we were young. It really made a deep impression on me, and when we walked through the Visitors center again it deepened my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and all of the Saints that knew that they had found The Church of Jesus Christ once again restored in the latter-days. I thank you for your efforts and guidance when I was a youth. That is the only reason I have a testimony today is because of your example, your efforts did not go in vain.
We had 2 baptisms on Sunday. Elder Johnson baptized L and I was chosen (by a game of "bubble gum bubble gum on a stick, how many pieces do you wish?", by T . . . she's 9 years old) to baptize her. It was amazing to see both of them baptized into Christ's fold.
Being the District leader has been interesting thus far, I get some creative questions. Last night the Sisters in our district called me to ask what they should do because they had found a $10 bill on the ground. It just keeps the plot thick. We had district meeting for the first time on Thursday. I have to teach the District weekly on certain topics, but I think it went pretty well, at least every one said that they learned something.
Oh, this Wednesday we are having a Mission Tour and a seventy is coming to speak to us! Elder Zwick of the Seventy is coming and I am so excited to learn from him. I'll let you know how it goes.
Thank you guys for the cards and the packages, 22 in the mission field means I'm an old man, but I think that I am still filled with youthful splendor.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale


Roxy said...

WHERE did Brady learn to be so articulate and write so well!?! This is hilarious! haha He's quite entertaining :) I'll have to look up where he is talking about - I'm sure I would remember it too.

Cynthia said...

Roxanne - So many visitor's centers all blended together, but do you remember the visitor's center that had a handcart that they had you push around? Then put a little rock on the floor and had you try to push it over the rock? I'll forward you some pictures from our trip.

JenJones0787 said...

Ahaha! I was actually loling when I read this!