Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

Hey mother, and family,
I hope you got my card that I sent off, there were some pictures in it along with my memory card. I forgot to write on the pictures , but they were of Elder Wilson and I on our last days together. We had a couple of Gnar-be-ques! (that is gnarly and BBQ put together) The first one is when we did it on our roof, it was a trial gnar-be-que because we had to fix the grill that we had, then test it if it would work. The second one is the one at night that we did, it was much more successful because we had on head bands. The corn pics were to give you a idea of how ridiculously tall the corn was.
Well my computer just froze and deleted most of my e-mail so I don't have much time to write because the library only gives us an hour.
So I'll try to sum up my week real quick. Elder Zwick of the Seventy came and toured the mission. We had a mission conference on Wednesday in Des Moines. It was a spiritual feast, he made a promise to the mission that we can triple our baptisms if we as a mission change a few of our efforts. This week, the tri-fecta that I am a part of is rocking. We have been doing a lot of finding with the recent baptisms, and now we have a very small teaching pool. So most of our days are spent tracting. In this area there are a lot of less active so we have been very focused on them to get them active and getting into part-members homes.

Sorry this is so short, but I'm running out of time.
I LOVE YOU ALL, Elder Hale
The Castle at Eagle Point Park in Clinton, Iowa


Roxy said...

That bottom picture is SO Brady! Hahaha, gotta love him.