Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, 2011

My new companion's name is Elder Perfili, (an Italian name, it's a little hard to say, all you have to remember is Per-Philly-cheese steak.) He's from San Diego. I don't have much to tell you from last week, it was only a few days ago. But Elder Perfili is a new zone leader. We have both been out the same amount of time and even trained missionaries at the same time. He's full of energy, I talkin' full of energy. Every morning he wakes up and yells "HORAH FOR ISRAEL!", then I kind of mumble something like, " horrah, I'm awake...." We are a little different but it will all work out. We created a new zone emphasis for the next two transfers. It's called, BAND OF BROTHERS. Its going to be so good.
Melanie, thanks for looking for a backpack for me, you're the best. I have the package that I want to send home all put together, I'm sending it out today. Since you have been asking if there is anything that I would need I have thought of a few things, I hope I won't burden you with your new calling and everything, but I sure that you can delegate:
A book called, "The Missionaries Little Book of Answers" by Gilbert Scharffs
4-5 wallet size pictures of the family
A Plan of Salvation kit. You know the one with a construction paper cut out of pre-mortal life, the veil, birth, earth, death, spirit world, and so on. . . something that you would use in a family home evening, or ask the missionaries in the ward to help you out. Something basic and laminated so I can carry it around with me. Sorry you got me thinking of what I could use.
So mom is back in the Relief Society presidency, that great. In our ward we just got a new Relief Society president. We had dinner at her house last week and she said that its been a little stressful getting up to speed with the ward and where everything is at, but once you're there it's easy.
Tomorrow we have zone leader council. We have it every first Tuesday of the month, but instead of the meeting being held in Des Moines, it's in Iowa City. I never thought that I would be driving so much as a missionary, but it's fun.
I was able to do another baptismal interview. It was for Ankeny 2nd ward. They had a mother and daughter baptized on Saturday. There names were A and L, from Liberia. These last two interviews I have been able to perform have been amazing. To see the testimonies that these new members bring with them into the church and have the spirit testify of that has been humbling. Within each interview conducted, I felt the spirit absolutely confirm to me that these people were ready. It's amazing to see how the Lord works.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale