Thursday, March 3, 2011

March 3, 2011

(Brady wrote these answers in early February)

You said something in your e-mail last week that I didn't know what it means, but then I saw that your mission president used it too. You said " . . . a little IDMM comin' at ya." What does IDMM stand for?
Iowa Des Moines Mission

What do you see out your living room window?
Currently I see a blizzard with 40 mile an hour winds and 6 inches of snow. Tonight the mission was told to go inside and stay there until the storm passes. I guess it was really bad. Elder Curtis and I wanted to go tracting, but President said otherwise.

Do you ride your bike anymore? How many miles do you put on your car in an average week?
That's a funny story. I actually don't know where my bike is right now. I haven't had to use it since my first 6 weeks in Clinton. When I was at transfer meeting between Fort Dodge and Ankeny, the member that was taking us to Ankeny did not have room for my bike, so I put it in the AP's trailer. Now it is either in the mission home garage or it is in the AP's garage. In an average week we put about 275 miles on our car, give or take.

Do you ever do anything that bugs your companion?
When I try to finish his sentences . . . incorrectly. He hates that.

What is Elder Curtis' best quality?
Elder Curtis is really good at dancing off-beat. I have a video of him and it's so funny. Another one is that he has no real extreme emotions. He never gets excited or sad. He has no extremes which is good to be around. No drama, no contention, no fighting, no arguing.

What activities do you do on P-day (besides laundry and sending an awesome letter to your mom every week)?
Well other than that we go to Wally World (Wal-Mart). I've never had any real drive to "go out" and do anything on P-day. All week long we are running around without a chance to catch our breath. So when we have a day to organize ourselves, I'll take it. Mondays are almost like a Sunday, the day of rest.

Who is the better housekeeper, you or Elder Curtis?
I think I am more tidy than Elder Curtis, but he's more willing to do the dishes.

Who is the better cook?
We both use the George Foreman, so we are tied.

Is there anything you've ever seen in Iowa that you thought - "You'd never see that in Arizona!"
No, nothing. So much nothing. No professional teams, no amusement parks, nothing. Just a far-see of fields and highways.
(far-see is Iowanese for "as far as the eye can see")