Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7, 2011

I sent a package home last week, did you get it? I haven't heard from you guys this week, is everything ok? I sent a letter home as well, I hope you got that too. This week has been a little rocky. My companion and I are not used to each other yet but it will come in time.
We finished our zone emphasis this week. It's called "Band of Brothers". It's all about building unity with each other in order to reach the mission goal of 500. I attached it to the e-mail hopefully you can open it and read it. I also attached a picture of the whole zone. Elder Perfili and I conducted a zone meeting this week and introduced the zone emphasis. When we got to the Captain Moroni part Elder Perfili rent his clothes (ripped his shirt off) and and we made it into a zone flag. We all wrote on it things we needed to do in order to better the zone, then every one signed it. We then gave out stretchy band watches to every one to "band" us together. It was so cool, in the picture you can see the flag and all of the watches, mine is blue. Elder Perfili and I have been doing a lot of member missionary work, we have been sharing a message about setting a baptismal goal as a family. Each family will set a goal of how many people they want to see come into the fold of Christ this year and then make steps to reach that goal. It's been sweet. Elder Perfili and I have branched out to try a different way of finding, well the right way of finding. We divided the city up into different sections, and then pray the night before about a section of town, and if it is the one that we will find the person prepared from the Lord. We go the that section the next day and start to walk around. We pray at every intersection and ask which way we need to go to find the person that needs us, and then listen. We tried it out yesterday and found the people we were looking for. Once we talked to them the spirit let us know that those people were the ones that we needed to find. It was a very spiritual afternoon. We have a appointment set up for next week. Well, I hope I hear from you soon, I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale