Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2010

Nauvoo was fun. Thanks so much for the information of the family in Nauvoo, I find it fascinating. Too bad one of the houses would be under water. I've been to Nauvoo so many times I know my way around old town Nauvoo pretty well at this point. It was a long trip. A 3 1/2 hour drive to get there one way, but it was quicker than the 4 month trek the saints took so I can't complain. With such a long trip we didn't have much time to wander around. We went with J (a recent-convert, you probably remember him.) and his wife. It was cool because I didn't remember much of doing baptisms for the dead in Nauvoo when we went as a family so many years ago. But wow, that font was a swimming pool, it was huge. J enjoyed his visit there. It was great to see someone go from investigator to temple trip in one area. We also saw Joseph Smith's home and the red brick store. We then walked over to the blacksmith shop so J could get a prairie diamond. I didn't take any pictures, I only got one and it was on the way out of the temple. J gave a talk the next day at church and talked about how much of a great time he had at the temple with us. It was neat.
Last night we invited another part member family to baptism. It was Sister F and her son R. We have been taking the lessons very slow so that she can understand the history of what happened in the times of Christ and in the latter days of the church. Last night was a recap on the restoration and we watched the restoration movie. We answered many of her questions she had about the Book of Mormon and the importance of the book, as well as how to use it to receive revelation. We invited her to be baptized on May 7 and she said yes!! Brother F started crying at the amazement of what just happened. We told her that her husband could baptize her and their son. Miracles have been taking place in Ankeny.
Ok some answers to your letter: The pick-up truck is a missionary car. Only a few of the missionaries in the mission get one, usually the ones way out in the sticks, like the Marshalltown elders.
As for the family reference I referred to - Elder Eldredge trained me, he taught me everything I know and brought me into the mission life, so he is referred to as my "father" in the mission field. I did the same to Elder Wilson, I trained him and taught him everything, so he is my "son" in the mission. So Elder Wilson is Elder Eldredge's grandson, if you're following me. Now Elder Eldredge is training again, so he now has two sons, Elder Dearing and myself. So I have a brother now. I hope you're with me. So With Elder Eldredge training I have a brother and Elder Wilson has a uncle. Now even if my father (Elder Eldredge) is a zone leader he is still father, and always will be forever and ever just after the manner that God has instilled it within his plan.
LOVE YOU ALL, -Elder Hale