Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

I just read the e-mail from Roxanne, that's exciting!! When is the big day? I hope I will be able to be there. I can't believe that. I will have to tell all the missionaries, it will break their hearts. Everybody likes Roxanne...tee hee! That's really is cool though. Wow great news.
Things in Ankeny have been great as well. Sister F is progressing so fast. She came to church yesterday in a skirt! That is big news for us. One of her concerns was that she didn't like to wear skirts and had a bad experience attending church in Utah with some of the women there. But she came yesterday for the second time now wearing a skirt. There is so much evidence that her faith is growing. She has a new continence about her, she just glows. We had a lesson with her before church on Sunday. We brought over the 1st councilor to the Relief Society, Sister Hrygil. The two of them bonded so well together. Sis. Hrygil now wants to come to all of the lessons that we have with Sister F. After church R, her oldest (he's 8), was interviewed by the Bishop for baptism. Everything is coming together. Tuesday President Jergensen is coming out with us for the night again, so we are going to take him over to sister F's for a lesson. I think he will enjoy the lesson.
In the ward we are trying to do anything we can to build members trust and work with them to do their missionary work. This Sunday we are teaching Relief Society about missionary work, and as of yesterday we are now going to be working with the Priests to get them on missions. We are going to do a little lesson Wednesday night at mutual and will be attending Young Mens every Sunday. They have a few young men they want to focus on right now to get on missions and we are going to bring them to new member lessons and less-active visits. I love this ward so much and I don't want to leave. Some of the members are going to try and call President Jergensen to get me to stay, that would be cool.
We are allowed to skype for mothers day. We are going to try and set it up with the members that did it last time for Christmas. We will see how it goes. I thought last time was a little weird, I didn't know what to say and there was like a 2 second delay, but we will give it another go. Bring some questions...
Thank you for the Easter packages, they were great. We both wore the ties you gave us to church on Sunday. Elder Perfili wants to thank you for the basket. I received your letters this week. You guys are so busy. I don't know how you get every thing done.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale