Monday, October 3, 2011

October 3, 2011

It sounds like you liked my last e-mail, it didn't take me too long too write it out. Did you get the pictures that I attached with it? You had mentioned in a letter that Elder Purcell might be my last companion. He will be, usually a trainer will train a new missionary for 2 transfers, so Des Moines will be my last area. Elder Purcell is from Billings, Montana I might have mentioned that. He is 20 years old and has 5 siblings. Before the mission he would build houses with his grandpa which is kinda neat. We are going to put him to work this week as we do service at a investigators house fixing her basement wall, and building a floor in her basement for her food storage. It's going to be great.
Last week we have an investigator drop us, it was T. We were reading the 36th chapter of Alma and she stopped mid-verse and told us she could not do this "church thing". We talked about what was going on in her life and why she thought that she couldn't live the gospel. It ended up in a bold conversation with me and her about how on earth she was going to find the relief she was looking for and happiness in life if she would decide to give up. I told her she will never find it in any other church or book if she gave up and went back to drinking, smoking and fighting. I was kind of angry with her. I don't know if its a end of the mission thing, but I have been getting very frustrated with investigators and not keeping their commitments. I don't seem to have any tolerance for it. Anyway she handed the Book of Mormon back to us and told us she was done. I told her to call us in a week and tell me if she was happier. Saturday she called us, to inform us that she wanted to come back to church on Sunday. It being general conference I explained what was going on and that she was welcome to come and we could get a ride for her. She wanted to go. The next morning she was very sick, her son left the window open all night and she caught a bug, so we told her we will stop by later that day. We went by and talked to her and why she wanted us there. She wanted to come back and we invited her to baptism and SHE ACCEPTED!! It was a miracle, every time we invited her or talked about baptism, she was super, super scared of the water and would not commit to it. But this time she had been humbled and ready to do it.
I got the dental work done, I went to Ankeny to a member that was a dentist and he actually did the work for free. I thought it would be discounted, but he fixed me up for free, miracle.
Do you know a Arden Hale? A member found a Book of Mormon at a book store with his name in it. It's from the 60's, and the name kinda sounds familiar, but I don't know thought I would ask.
Do you know about classes for school yet? I was thinking PVCC and institute at ASU through out the week. Thought I would ask, dad wanted me to get ready.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale
(Arden Hale is Brady's great-grandpa!)


Suzanne Barker said...

How cool that someone found a book with ggpa name in it!
And it suddenly sounds so close for him to be coming home.