Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011


There are a few things going on right now in our area. This past week we have been mostly in Des Moines at zone leader council and leadership training. Monday was p-day and had a little work to do in the evening. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we were in Des Moines. We arrived home from our travels late Thursday night, around 11:30. Friday morning we conducted a baptismal interview with a woman, that the other Quincy Elders were teaching. We had a little time for weekly planning then we traveled to Memphis, Missouri for another baptismal interview. We did not have too much time in our area. Saturday the baptism for C was planned and I was asked to help baptize. She was a larger woman so two people needed to be in the font with her. Then district meeting, tried a couple of referrals, dinner and a lesson with H, and K. Sunday, church lunch and dinner with some members and another lesson with H. That in a nut shell was my week. H is planned to be baptized on Saturday the 18th. She is stoked! She comes from a rough back ground. Her dad died years ago, so it was just her, a brother and her mother. We have been doing everything we can for H. We have brought most of the young women to her lessons, as well as teaching her one of the young women's leader's homes. We have just swarmed her with the youth and with a new group of friends. There is no way that she will make it and stay in the church if she does not find a social conversion, as well as that spritiual conversion she has. But I'll send you some pictures next week when she is baptized!
I LOVE YOU ALL. I hope the Boston trip went well. Send me some family history stuff if you found anything new on the trip, I like that stuff. How is Roxanne's wedding coming along? Let me know. -Elder Hale