Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011


Things are starting to calm down. The last 2 weeks we have been using members computers to e-mail so I didn't spend the same amount of time as I usually would. We do have an apartment I think that I told you that last week. We are slowly getting furniture and things that we need to get started here. Last night we got a bike and a desk. I think the only thing that we are really wanting is an a/c. This last week had been the 90's so Elder Phillips is melting away. I don't mind it so much its just hard to sleep when its hot. This week it it wont matter. We are only going to be in Quincy for 2 days. Tomorrow we have to go to Des Moines for zone leader council, Wednesday and Thursday we have leadership meetings in Des Moines as well. Friday we have to go do a baptismal interview in Memphis, Missouri. And Saturday we have exchanges and a meeting with the stake president in Kirksville, Missouri.
The new zone is doing awesome. We doubled our baptismal dates this last week, 8 official dates in the zone, for such a small zone I think that is is great. Elder Phillips and I have 2 investigators on date for baptism. I told you about H. She doing amazing. She had a rough month. Her grandma is really worried about her and is happy to see her work for baptism, and go to church. Her best friend is giving her some flack for meeting with us. She was the one that introduced H to the church and to us, but is now talks to her about how she doesn't believe in God and all the "rules" that the church makes you live (I might mention that she is about 15-16, you know how that goes...). But we have been meeting H with many of the youth in the ward and she is determined to be baptized. Her date is for the 18 of June. We taught her last night in one of the members homes that has a daughter the same age as H. It went well and H really wants to go to girls camp this summer with the young women. She will be baptized on the 18, confirmed on the 19 and girls camp on the 20th. It will help build her testimony. The funny thing is that our other investigator is B's mother. We are actually working with the whole family. Sis. G is on date for the 25th of June, but we committed Bro. G to be worthy to baptize his wife for that date. Its going to be a push, we are working closely with the bishop, and they are as well. Pray for the G family, they need as many prayers as they can get.
All and all the ward has been awesome welcoming us here. We have received more member referrals in the last 2 weeks than either of us have had combined on our whole mission. Members work has been great. This next week is going to hurt with all of the traveling and meetings we need to cover, but come what may. I did receive you package with the dvd and dad's letters at my new address. Thank you so very much for sending those so fast. We have been using those in our members visits and have had a great response from them. We showed it to the Bishop's family and he started to cry so now I get to make fun of him the rest of the time that I am here, so thank you. Im doing great, I finally feel like a actuall know what I am doing and how to do it. I have felt a good spirit since I have arrived in Quincy and miracles are going to happen, we will expect them.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale