Sunday, June 26, 2011

June 20, 2011

H was baptized! The whole program was run by the youth. A recent convert, A, who has only been a member for a couple of months baptized. The whole week we have been calling the youth and reminding them about the baptism and what they needed to do. One of the speakers and A actually backed out a couple of days before the baptism and the chorister bailed on us the morning of.....needless to say the youth are a little difficult to work with. We even went over and helped one of the write their talk for the baptism because she didn't know what to write and didn't want to do it anymore. A little stressful, but all and all every one showed up and it ran smoothly. We had about 40 people show up to the baptism and one of our investigators, K.
We had to move K's baptism to the 2nd of July. Her husband is the one that is going to preform the baptism, but he is having some struggles. So we moved it so he can be ready to baptize his wife. Their family has changed so much since we have been visiting with them. They stopped fighting, and bickering. They are doing thing as family. Their daughter is coming back to church. And D...D is a son from a previous marriage. He is 9, not a member, and has never wanted anything to do with the church. Every time we talk to him about church or to say the prayer, he runs out of the trailer. His mom even says it would be a miracle to get him to church. We were out at their trailer a couple of nights ago and D said that he wanted to be baptized, by me. It was a miracle, plain and simple. So now the whole family will be united in Christ. We have seen a mighty change on heart.
We are teaching another part-member family. Their names are J and M. M is not a member and she has many questions. We have only met with her once but the baptismal date is for the 9th of July. She is going to be fun to teach.
We had Zone Conference on Friday the 17th in Peoria. It was a long drive, almost 3 hours. The other night we had a bad storm and a huge branch broke off the tree in our front yard and landed on our car. The windshield has a big hole in it and the side rear view mirror broke off. But it could have been a lot worse. It should have crushed our little Pontiac Vibe. So that was a little stressful to wake up to. So we are out of a car for a few more days until we get everything fixed. We are always flying around, and now without a car we are sharing the other Quincy elders car. It's been a hassle.
I loved the package you sent me. Thanks for the cards. I do have a picture with Elder Phillips, I'll have to send it...when I get some time.
So I'm not sure how our insurance works, but I have the right card with the number that you sent me. So every time I see a doctor, do you guys have to pay for it? I also wanted to ask you about getting my teeth cleaned, it been a long time a year and a half...I was just thinking about it. Thank you for the AAA card. We travel so much and are usually in the middle of nowhere. So a little security is always nice.
Roxanne I like your past cards. sounds like you wedding is coming along. I have to just mention you should come get your endowments in the Nauvoo temple...I'm only an hour away and my mission president said I could go...just for thought.
I LOVE YOU ALL. I'm good and very busy. -Elder Hale