Wednesday, September 21, 2011

September 21, 2011

Last week, as we were destined to conquer the urban mountain, we approached the summit of its marble outcropping with zeal and stratagem. Dressed in suits and dismounted name tags for camouflage, we quickly avoided the security at post. Jumping into the elevator, it only went to the 3rd floor. We quickly aborted the idea and headed for the stairs for our ascent. Quickly realizing, at the 4th floor, gates and fortifications of the most curious workmanship. This type of defence was never before seen by our people and our wit was unmatched. Like lost sheep we wandered to and fro looking for the strait and narrow gate by which we may find relief. Finding broad and confusing walkways which lead to dead ends, we cried for relief to the security's captain. We plead that we may find a outcropping high above that we may look upon the land of our inheritance and our people. He replied, "Nay, for there is no such place". We quickly left finding no relief to our ideas and adventures.
So we did have transfer calls this week, Elder Grow is leaving, and a new guy is coming here. This week we have had a ton of referrals and new people to teach. Things are starting to get crazy. T is progressing quite well. She has come to church this whole transfer, but is still deathly afraid of water and she wants to be baptized, I'm not sure what is going to help her. Brother H has really turned around. He wants to be baptized as well as his girlfriend, but they are not sure about getting married. People have been coming out of the wood works. We have so much to do this week. Just last night we were at dinner with D, We got a phone call from Sister S. She is a less-active we are working with to come back. She called us and told us that her friend wants to get baptized, just out of the blue. Crazy.
I had a sweet idea this week. I think I will make a tie quilt with all of my mission ties. The last 2 areas I have been in, I have gathered 3 fold more than what I used to have. They are all polyester ties so they are perfect for a quilt. Is it even possible to make a tie quilt? Just a thought.
I will probably go to the dentist next week when we have the car.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale


Roxanne Hale said...

I'm so sad he didn't make it to the top!!! :(