Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

We had a sweet p-day yesterday. We went to the Cubs game. I'm not much a fan for baseball but a member gave us some free tickets so I couldn't pass it up. Things are getting better here. Elder Grow and I are having a great time together. Our area is struggling. This week we dropped our most solid investigator. She keeps giving us the run around, but sincerely knows everything is true. This is one of the main problems we have in this area, people that will not keep commitments. It's a rough area with rough people with many problems in their lives, with a lifestyle that is run from moment to moment. No forethought or goals are calculated into their life, but more temporal matters such as where is the next meal coming from and where are they going to be sleeping tonight. It is next to impossible for someone to have spiritual growth if their temporal needs are not met. This week we are going to be looking for the prepared people to help establish this branch.
The AP's are in our branch and share the area, they had 2 baptisms this weekend. It was a very powerful spirit. I don't think that I told you but there is also a senior couple in our branch. Elder and Sister Jahn. They are feeding us tonight, way cool to have so many missionaries.
Elder Grow's foot healed up very well this week. We have been on foot most of the time because it hurts him too much to ride a bike. He has actually been in the area for 4 months and knows the town pretty well. I don't remember where he is from though, a small town outside of salt lake.
As for my birthday, I don't really know. I would like more books but I have all the approved books that a missionary can have. I don't know, we shop at wal-mart all the time so a gift card would be cool. Honestly, I don't need anything. Now Christmas time I will need a few things so maybe we can roll some things over until then.
As for college, I was thinking about Paradise Valley or Scottsdale Community for school, any where with a good institute program. That might narrow it down, THANK YOU for doing this, I just want to make sure I hit the ground running when I get home.
I LOVE YOU ALL -Elder Hale